Yarn types. Choosing the right one!

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So, let’s talk about yarn, and yarn types. First of all, what is yarn? Well, it’s a soft fabric. It can be natural( cotton) synthetic or animal ( wool from sheep for example, and not only from sheep; also obtained from llamas, possums and even turkey feathers and cat and dog hairs!)

Choosing the type of yarn to work with , can be extremely tricky, especially if you are a beginner! Here are some easy steps that I’ve drawn up just for you:

1.First, think about you’re project. You need your material to be washable, you need It to be warm, so you can wear it during the winter. And also maybe you would want something to wear at a formal meeting, with a long skirt, or then again, maybe you’d prefer something casual

2.The material. You need to learn the basics about the materials yarn is made from, so you can use it properly for your project. For example, lamb-wool yarn is the most popular by far, for making purses, sweaters or skirts, because it has very good isolating properties, it can be washed with the washing machine . It’s mostly used for winter clothing , because of it’s thermal properties. Cotton made yarn is best suited for manufacturing summer clothing like elegant tops or blouses , because it is very breathable as a material.

3.Choosing the colors. This is important. Most yarn balls come with the only one, unique hue, but there also the rainbow types. You can choose accordingly for your project. Also, aside from the natural colors of some fibers , there are the dyed ones, so choose wisely.

These are the most important steps when choosing yarn types. For an experienced knitter or artisan, a yarn ball shop looks like heaven, but for a beginner it can be harder. Hope this helped
See you all next time!

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