Searching for baby quilt patterns?

Hello my dear friends,

It`s been a long time since my last post but as you very well know  my little baby is my only priority now,I have no doubt you understand me.  I`m sure you are curious to find out about my  latest projects, so let’s not delay them anymore!

Well ,I have a few surprises for you ,but first let me tell you about some interesting  web sites that I found in my research for baby quilt patterns. When you can spear some time, have a look.One of the pages is http://www.favequilts.com ; this is one  of my latest discovery and I must say I have some patters that I will very soon try.  What I  like about this site is that the main page is very well organized and  the categories displayed on the left side make your  search easier. Here I found several examples of baby quilt patterns, that can be made out of different types of fabric.This patterns can be very well adapted to the gender of the baby ,the decor or your own wishes. Using one of  this baby quilt patterns can be a very nice present for a new born baby  or for the mother. If you are a  beginner  , I recommend you start your first project using a simple pattern, for example if you  have in mind a  quilt for a baby girl,  try the ones suggested on baby quilt patterns for girls. They are absolutely wonderful.  I am working on the one called sweet dreams baby! It`s a weekend project but with my lack of time it`s taking a little bit longer. I’m expecting fabulous results though!

This is a patchwork pattern and you will be needing large fairly scraps. The primary technique used is pieced.In the end the quilt size should be 48 inches wide and 46,5 inches long. On the page you have  the project stepby step so this should be easy.

Enjoy and let me know of your results!

Until next time!

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