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Hello again!
Wondering today where can I get my hand on the latest models and knitting patterns or yarns!? I bet there are a lot of you out there that have the same problem every month or so. I’ve decided that , besides the internet resources, I should definitely subscribe to some magazines!
My online shop costumers are extremely demanding , from week in, week out, nevertheless form one month to another! So, I’ve decided that on the long run, this would be very beneficial even it’s in some ways very expensive!

I opted then for  few magazines that will probably update me monthly via the latest patterns and yarn fibers!

One of them is Vogue Knitting, and I must say, it is one of the best out there! You will fins some very stylish patterns in there! Although most of them are very expensive, for those of you online shop owners , t is definitely a must have! Your income will start increasing rapidly!

You can also opt for the Creative Knitting Magazine, or the Verena Magazine!

For the most interesting and intriguing patterns you can buy  or subscribe to Knit’s Style Magazine-Real fashion for Real Knitters! There you can find more complicated and complex double and triple stitch patterns , wave ones and so on!  These techniques are harder to master and very difficult indeed but trust me, the results are astonishing to say the least ! Your customers will nearly fight for your models and new trendy patterns ! One thing you should keep in mind, especially  if you’re in this or the business, and not for the passion alone, is that you always must keep your customers happy and satisfy their hunger for the “new “ and stylish, every month!

Until next time!

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