How to knit a “cable bag”

Hello again!

 Today we’re going to talk about a fun little project, meaning “how to knit you’re own cable bag! This should be a lot of fun, especially for begginers, because the satisfaction upon the completion of the project, should be immense!
 Let’s start then!

 First, you need to carefully choose your yarn type and colors.These “cable bags” are unique and colorful , and make for great gifts for your friends or family.

They are usually for casual wearing so don’t think to formal, when starting the project! You would want to choose cotton yarn, because it can be easily whashed and rather resistant. The colors should be what ever you want, depending on how you want your bag to look like. Let’s talk about a specific pattern now, as I promised earlier.

We’re going to make a cable tote bag! You would need some 3mm needles and some DK yarn. We will be working on these measurements: 35 cm in Length, 30 cm in height and 11 cm in diagonal. These measurements exclude the handles , of course. Now for the materials: you will need some 5 balls of DK yarn, 2 pairs of 3mm needles and one cable needle.

Also approximately 6 buttons, 1 m of upholstery fabric ( heavyweight). So, let’s begin! This is the commence pattern you should use:

Row 1: K5, p3, k6, c4b, c4f, k6, p3, k46, p3, k6, c4b, c4f, k6, p3, k5.
Row 2: (and every foll. alt. row): K8, p20, k3, p46, k3, p20, k8.
Row 3: K5, p3, k4, c4b, k4, c4f, k4, p3, k46, p3, k4, c4b, k4, c4f, k4, p3, k5.
Row 5: K5, p3, k2, c4b, k8, c4f, k2, p3, k46, p3, k2, c4b, k8, c4f, k2, p3, k5.
Row 7: K5, p3, c4b, k12, c4f, p3, k46, p3, c4b, k12, c4f, p3, k5.
Row 8: Repeat row 2. Repeat these until you reach 25 cm. For the pocket and the rest of the project, please follow my posts!

 See you all next time!

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