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Today I thought to share some interesting information with you, about crocheting, and crochets. We all know what it is, but maybe some mild explaining is due, for some of you who are new to reading my posts.

So, the word “crochet” derives from the same word “ crochet” ! In French, it means “ hook”. Makes a little more sense now doesn’t it?

Therefore we have “crocheting”. This implies a process similar to knitting. You need some fabric ( usually yarn), and you pull loops trough other loops, but unlike knitting, somewhere along the way you pull the material with the hook, thus making some elegant patterns that are easily recognized by the “middle whole” style.

Crochets are made from  metal, plastic or eve wood! In the 19th century they were fabricated from wood mostly, but now you only get the cheaper plastic ones. You can also buy them from private artizans. Those are somewhat beautiful in the personalized aspect forms, and sometimes come in metallic forms.

Did you also know that “crocheting” is said to be actually originating ancient Iran? There is not enough evidence to support this actually, as some historians are claiming it to be originating in ancient China.

What we do know for sure is that one of the first recording  of the actual act of crocheting is found in
The Memoirs of a Highland Lady by Elizabeth Grant (1797–1830) in the 19th century. It is also claimed that the first crocheting pattern appeared in  thedutch magazine “ Penelope”, in 1824.
As we’ve seen earlier, the main difference between crocheting and knitting is that knitters keep all the stitches ‘alive” and open through the entire process , whilst with crocheting you need to keep one stitch live , through the hook.

Hope this was interesting enough form some of you!

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