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Today we are going to take a look at some baby knitted clothing, or better said baby pieces of “cloth”. That is right, you’ve guessed it! We’re talking about some baby blanket ideas and patterns.

I decided to write about them, because we’re almost in the very snowy part of the winter and who doesn’t adore a cute baby cuddled inside a cute blanket? Nobody can resist that right?

Of course nowadays you can buy a lot of these blankets via your local shop, or department store, but bear in mind that people only keep and take good care the crafty handmade ones!

I still have some of the baby blankets my mother received as gifts at her baby shower, when I was born! Some of them are so very well knitted and stitched, that they still are in very good condition! The industrial producers don’t tend to the quality of their products like a hand – knitter does. And that is the plain truth!

Your handmade baby blanket will make for a perfect Christmas gift for someone’s newborn , or can definitely be a keeper for you!

I’m going to show you a leaf-blanket pattern, so flashy and fresh that you could never go wrong!

Let’s get started then!
You need some 2, or 3 balls of mohair yarn! This blankie will be stockinette, 8 stitches and 10 or 11 ½ rows.

It should be approximately 29 inches in width and about 36 or 37 stitches in length.
You will also need to use a size 10 pointy needle and 2 size 11 circular needles, and one button.

Start the stockinette stitching,and repeat, until reaching the desired length! Your blanket should be ready in about 3 hours if you are a beginner, and 1 and a half to 2 hours if you are an advanced, experienced knitter!

Have fun!
Until next time!

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