Toys for kids

In the article from today I propose to create wonderful things with yarn either for your cat or your baby. Although I believe that between the two categories the cat will be the most happy with such a toy , the things I want us to make are not complicated once you have some experience with the art of crocheting.

If you have a baby or toddler then probably you know how important it is that things around him are not too hard, and that you should avoid any sharp corners. This things are important because the child  might hit himself of a hard surface, and he tends to put everything he has in hand in his mouths . I think if you have a toddler around you such a hand made toy from yarn is very suitable. You have as options either to create a new toy or to cover an existing one. For patterns, you can search the internet and you will find a lot of free ones  that you can follow. For today I propose to start with something easier and to create some rattles for children, which I am sure they will like very much. Below are some pictures that can inspire you !

 The cat lovers probably know all too well how is it for the cats to blunt their claws. Although it is necessary for your little friends to do so there is no pleasure for us in seeing how all our furniture, carpets or curtains are shredded to pieced and it must be changed more often than we would like to. For this problem I propose to you a solution that I hope will help you to solve it. Although you can buy the same toys from a specialty store, however I think that it is worth trying to create them yourself both for the satisfaction you will have and  for the utility.

     This being said I will leave you to enjoy the moments of relaxation and satisfaction and do not forget that that the internet can be a great source of inspiration for those who are running out of ideas!

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