How to make a bag from yarn

If you think that from a yarn you can only make sweaters, socks or headpieces then you should know that you are wrong. In fact the only thing that holds you back from realizing whatever object you want from that yarn is your imagination.
In this article I will try to tell you the steps and what you need to create one of the most used accessories by us women: a bag. If you lack the inspiration here are some patterns that I hope will help you:

The first step is to get all the things that will be necessary in order to create the model you want. - A pair of knitting needles or more depending on the model you want to knit. - The yarns. Depending on the model and the type of bag you can choose several types of yarns: for a bag you will use daily the most appropriate yarn would be an acrylic one for a casual messenger type bag or backpack you should choose a more resistant type of yarn like cotton and if you want to make an evening bag that should be shiny I recommend you to use a thread that will stand out. - Depending on the type of handles you want for your bag and the chosen model you may need wood circles or other type of material . - Zipper, buttons or other closure systems The most important thing is the pattern . For the ones who are passionate about this thing there are on the internet numerous sites that either free or for a modest fee let you download patterns that will help to create the the bag that you want. If you do not think you're able to create a bag from head to tail, another option you can consider, would be to take one of the old bags you already have and cover it. I guarantee you'll feel like you've bought a new one! This passion is one which fortunately is not expensive and the satisfaction of wearing something sensational created by your hands l guarantee you is unbeatable. And if you're good at it and you love do spend your time doing this who says that this can not be the start of a successful business!

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