Knitting basics

For the first steps in learning to knit and to create things of which you can be proud of is to learn the basis. I thought that in this article I could make a short tutorial and illustrate the basic notions that you should have before starting.

How to Cast On
You should start by creating a first row of stitches on your needle by "casting on." This can be done in 3 steps. 
-        The first one would be to create a slipknot and leaving a tail at least double of the width of your knitting.
-         After this you need to drape a tail of yarn over the left thumb and over the left index finger. Insert the needle upwards through the formed loop.
-         After that with the needle you need to catch the yarn form your index finger and pull it through the loop and remove the thumb from the loop. You need to repeat the last two steps until you have created the required number of stitches.
 Very good. Now that the you have started you need to learn how to knit the stitch.

Put the needle with the cast-on stitches in one hand and wrap the working yarn around your other hand index finger, and hold it in back of the needle with the stitches.
- Insert the point of your free needle from front to back into the first cast-on stitch on the other needle (the one with the stitched) and pull the stitch open.
- Catch some working yarn with free needle and pull the yarn through the open stitch.
- Slip the catched yarn to the free needle while ensuring that the stitches from the other needle do not slip off. This is a new stitch. Continue until you have moved all the stitches from one needle to the other and then continue until you have knitted the required length.
If you are passionate about knotting and you find the above information usefully then stayed tune for the next tutorial where I will explain you how to catch slipped stitches and to “cast-off” ! 

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