Handmade things are not novelty and it

Hello again guys!

Today we are going to talk about handmade hand –bracelets! It is common ‘nowadays , to show someone , a friend, a colleague or a relative , how much they mean to you, by gifting them a token bracelet of friendship for example. You could buy this kind of bracelet at any of your local department stores, but it will definitely be more meaningful  to the other person if you make it yourself.

Of course now, everybody thinks that  handmade things are some sort of rocket science! Well, let me tell you they most definitely aren’t! They are not novelty, nor they are IT or rocket science! My point is that the internet is full of tutorials and patterns of different material types that you can use, and if you follow the steps correctly , it is relative simplicity to do it.

Now, to get back to our hand bracelet! First, choose a type of yarn and yarn color that you would want to use! Also you might want to look at some accessories for the bracelet, like a piece of metal, or wood, to bind the material together, making it look more stylish.

First step is to cut the pieces of colorful yarn to use. My advice is to use some 20 cm long material.
Then , you have a multitude of knitting patterns to choose from, from simple stitches to very complicated binding ones. AS you will see from the examples I have posted below, I have used, both a simple chained stitch pattern, and of course a more complicated binded pattern, with multiple colors and very small tight knitting's.
You should definitely not fail to impress anyone with these kind of gifts! They are an absolute joy to watch and wear!

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