Retro circles crochet cot blanket

Today I’m going to talk to you about a retro circle blanket. I have had a lot of requests from you guys about this kind of material and pattern so today I have decided that this is it! This Is the day I will post a tutorial if you can call it that, about a retro circle-square blanket!
So, first of all, there are hundreds of patterns out there , about how to do this, and I know many of them look very similar to one another. Therefore I feel compelled to say that this is not in anyway a copy of somebody else’  pattern. I have read a lot of pages about how to crochet this, and felt inspired by many patterns out there on the internet!
Let us begin! First thing, we need to choose a needle for this! My needle of choice was a 5 mm hooked one.This depends  on how tight you usually crochet, and definitely the type of yarn you are using. I used dk yarn for this, and my crocheting is quite tight , thus the 5 mm hooked needle that I chose.
To the pattern now! At first I had started with a magic circle, and then chained three of those together, followed by  11 or 12 ( you choose for yourself,  used 11) double crochets!
Next,you should chain 3 double crochets into the same stitch,back loop, then repeat the first step 5 times.
Afterwards, chain another 3 double crochets back loop again, and finish off with an SS.
You would now want to choose another color and repeat this. You could choose any color you want, depending on how you want your blanket to look. A you can see I have gone berzerk with them.
Repeat theese steps as many times you wnt, and then start crocheting the borders, and voila: your retro circle crochet blanket is ready!

See you all next time!

polka dots on grey. absolutely must make this!


  1. I very much like your pattern, nice job!

  2. wow !!! it's beautiful and so lovely,i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.


  3. Thanks for a great pattern, perfect to use leftover yarns.